New firmware for GSM Controller GSMv3 1_25 - fixed bugs in 1wire readings


- It can works as PoE injector, 5 outputs can be switched by Lan Controller.

- Basic parameters:

- 5 gigabit 1000BASE-T output ports with PoE passive,

- max 1,5A per port (total 7A input current),

- compatible with 100Mb devices.

- Application:

- gigabit WLAN devices supply (over ethernet - NEW!)

- Available from April 2016


- DC-UPS generate 24V and 48/56V from 24V DC input or from one 12V battery.

- Save space, energy and batteries (one instead 2-4 pcs).

- Basic parameters:

- 24V DC input,

- 24V/5A DC output,

- 48/56V/2,5A output,

- One 12V battery for UPS,

- Integrated battery charger and supervisor.

- Application:

- power units for WLAN base stations,

- IP cameras.

- Available from May 2016


-It work as network switch and allows switching power to PoE devices or change network parameters by website management. Hardware based on newest Atheros switch chip.

-It is continuation of a current 4F1G PoE switch.

Basic parameters:

-9 gigabit port with passive PoE,

-1 gigabit port,

-1 SFP socket,

-1A for each PoE port,

-2 power supply input sources divided for ports (2 different supply voltage possible), voltage input for battery monitoring,

-logical inputs for monitoring, small power output controlled by network.


-gigabit WLAN devices,

-megapixels IP cameras.

-Available from June 2016

LAN CONTROLLER new firmware V3.13 HW2.0

- possibility to assign permanently DS18B20 sensor to input number

- fixed displaying uptime time over 1,5 days by SNMP

- ACS current sensor - for negative current show 0.

LAN Controller manual for firmware 3.10

Supplemented by a new features, descriptions connection and error corrections.

GSM Controller - application for setup by USB port

We publish version 1.0 of GSMControlerTools, software which help to configure GSM Controller via the USB port. NOTE: The program works correctly only with firmware 1.07 or higher. Virtual COM port driver shold be installed. After connecting GSM controller to USB port, please find in Windows settings (Manager ) which port is used for this connection. Next select at the top of the program this port and connect. After entering the code GSM controller (default 1234), you are ready to work. NOTE: The GSM controller driver (ST proprietary) is not properly executed, especially in Windows 8, and in Windows 7 sometimes problems occurs. In Windows XP it works without a problem.

GSM Controller new firmware 1.07

Firmware has new functions to support GSMKontrolerTools.exe- application for configuring GSM Controller via USB port.

LAN KONTROLER nowy firmware V3.10 HW2.0

Nowy firmware 3.10 dla Lan Kontrolera HW2.0

Dodatkowe funkcje:

1. Dodano czujnik prądu ASC709, wpisujemy 3 w okienko ACS

2. Dodano pomiar różnicy temperatur dla wybranych czujników temperatury,

Nowa wartosc DIFF w tabeli, w okienkach wpisujmey numery czujników temperatur i mamy wyswietlana ich różnicę.

W tabeli zdarzeń na pierwszej pozycji zamiast TEMP jest DIFF

Numery czujników:

0- wstawia wartośc 0, wtedy mamy poprostu wartośc z jednego czujnika, dodatnia lub ujemna w zalezności w którym oknie wpiszemy

3- pt1000

4- temp

6- inp6 DS18B20

7- inp7 DS18B20

8- inp8 DS18B20

9- inp9 DS18B20

10- inp10 DS18B20

11- inp11 DS18B20

12- DTH22 temperatura

Numer dla wartości DIFF dla wpisu HTTP URL (zdalne wysylanie na serwer) to 26

LAN CONTROLLER new firmware V3.06 HW2.0

New firmware V3.06 for Lan Controller hardware version HW2.0 available to download.

New features:

- Vcc and board temperature calibration

- out5 handling in Scheduler

- DTH sensor added to Even Config

- current measurement by 0.1ohm resistor - ASC value =4

- ACS value =0 cause turning off current reading from ASC boards, thanks it is true 0 value in INP4 window

- turning on/off and changing duty cycles for next 3 PWM outputs, now this control is possible by HTTP request. Frequency is same for all outs.

Samples - turn on PWM - turn off PWM - set duty cycle for 99% - set frequency for 5kHz for all PWM outs - turn on PWM1 - turn off PWM1 - turn on PWM2 - turn off PWM2 - turn on PWM3 - turn off PWM3 - set duty for PWM1 for 50% - set duty for PWM2 for 99% - set duty for PWM3 for 10%

LAN CONTROLLER new firmware V2.03 HW2.0

New firmware V2.03 for Lan Controller hardware version HW2.0 available to download.

New features:

- Vcc and board temperature calibration

- out5 handling in Scheduler

- out5 handling in Watchdog

Lan Controller

LAN controller is a simple, but innovative device which has long been lacking in the market network solutions. A small board serves as a web server which presents the various sensor readings and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. Additionally Events Config feature allow you to setup the appropriate action when sensor readings met certain conditions, for example relay can turn up heater when temperature goes down bellow fixed temperature. ISP can use watchdog function, it check the ping up to 5 network devices, and if no response runs the relays. Useful for many applications can be a Scheduler, that allows turn on / off the devices at a specified time or for a specified period of time.

Lan Controler

We hope that our customers come up with hundreds of new applications for Lan Controller not only across the Internet provider networks but also in homes, farms, plants and much more. So please share your ideas and original realizations in the forum. With our steep we will increase the number of supported sensors to widen the field of application.
Please note that there could be differences in features for different versions of firmare. On the other ou can find examples of applications, technical features and specification, compatybile accesories and escribe of firmware versions.

Confirmation of compliance CE Lan Controller

Idea of this website is design and develop micorprocessor projects for remote sensors and remote controll in IP networks. It's idea of Internet of Things.