Beekeeping scales

The beekeeping scales is a device allowing the user to track important parameters of the hive and its surroundings in a selected time interval and to compare changes during the day, weeks, months or years. In addition to measuring the weight, the device also measures the temperature inside the hive and ambient temperature and humidity.

Data is sent using GPRS technology. Changes in weight and temperature are presented on the website on an individual account. The user can use it from a computer or other device with Internet access. Properly interpreted measurement results and the relations between them allow the beekeeper to monitor the status of the bee family and access to the hive's benefit without having to leave the house and open the hive. We also offer an additional service consisting of analyzing weight readings and sending automatic reports via SMS.

Basic features

Technical specifications

Measurements weight up to 200kg (accuracy 100g)
temperature inside the hive
temperature and humidity outside the hive
Alarms Yes (SMS notifications sent by the server)
Communication wireless (GSM - GPRS) / 4 times a day
Power supply 6 R14 batteries (operating time approx. 3 months)
Dimensions (height x width x length) 100 x 450 x 500mm (height without legs)
Material powder coated aluminum profile service

It allows you to collect data from scales, presentations of readings on a chart or table, define email or SMS notifications.

Available at:

Additional information, like sim or battery installation, can be found here.