Lan Controller v3.5

The next version of our IoT device produced since 2011.


Lan Controller is a very universal device that allows you to connect many different sensors and remotely view their readings and remotely control various types of outputs. It is also possible to combine both functions into an automatic if → this with a calendar when → then.

The device provides a user interface in the form of a web page. The website presents readings of various types of sensors: temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current. It also allows you to configure the device, incl. event setting and controlling up to 10 outputs.

Thanks to the support of many protocols, it is possible to operate from smartphones, collect and observe the results on the server, as well as cooperation with other I/O systems based on TCP/IP and Modbus.

The functionality of the device is presented in more detail below and on the basic properties subpage.

Table of differences for Lan Controller v3/v3.5 hardware versions.

List of currently supported sensors and devices

Live view

Modern electronics

Amplifiers for measuring small signals - this makes it possible, for example, to measure AC current simply and safely. PWM modulated outputs are also available to control, for example, brightness of light or speed of the electric motor, as well as control of modeling servos. To facilitate installation in remote installations, the board can be powered by PoE. Updating the firmware is now very easy.

Extensions of functionality

Very extensive expansion options - in addition to the 1-Wire bus for reading from DS18B20 temperature sensors, a serial I2C port is available on the same RJ12 connector. This means that many sensors and other devices can be connected. For example, AM2320 and BME280 temperature/humidity sensors, 0.96 inch OLED display, real time clock or SPS30 dust sensor are supported. We have also prepared a new universal TB board for this bus. It allows the simultaneous connection of 6 DS18B20 sensors, a display and an I2C sensor, e.g. BME280. The offer includes a 1-Wire splitter with I2C support and a compact relay board. All these accessories are on a stand with the possibility of mounting on a DIN rail.

Through the serial port we can read, e.g. CO2-MH-Z16 sensor, MH-Z19, dust sensor SDS011, as well as use the GSM module to send sms.

From the hardware version 3.7 a separate connection of the RS485 converter for Modbus transmission is introduced, which reads the 2-way electricity meters SDM120M (1 phase) and SDM72 (3 phase).

Many communication protocols

Lan Controller is a universal device with an open architecture of communication with other devices or servers. Supported communication protocols, HTTP, SNMP and MQTT, provide enormous possibilities of remote reading or controlling outputs even when the device is behind a router.

Modern website

The user interface in the form of a website has been rebuilt with the use of modern tools to improve its operation and eliminate previous problems. The responsive website allows convenient use of it from a desktop computer and a smartphone.
User page building function has been introduced. It allows you to choose only the desired fields (labels, readings, control buttons), with the possibility of any arrangement on the panel with a modifiable background (user image, for example showing the installation of sensors). In addition, two levels of access are distinguished - user and administrator, which, in combination with an editable user panel, allow you to personalize the controller to your own requirements.


The new version could not miss the watchdog function, which has been present since the development of the device. Currently, you can monitor up to 6 devices, with much more configuration options available.

Event table

The device has a very extensive programming function when the condition on one of the sensors is met. We can now check the conditions on two inputs simultaneously and set a logical operator when the output is to be controlled. Virtual outputs are available that can be used for more complex event configurations. We can conveniently configure and add more lines to our program.


Scheduler, which allows you to turn on/off devices at a specific time or for a specific time, can be useful for many applications. Also new in version 3 is the introduction of the virtual EVENT output. We can use it as a condition in the event table, thus simply programming the time and circumstances of event activation. The new look of the Scheduler makes it easier to use, offers extensive setting options not only on the day of the week but also on a specific date. service

It is our proprietary solution that complements the functionality of the Lan Controller v3, based on the MQTT protocol.
Access is free for non-commercial users (up to 5 devices).

The service currently offers the following features:

  • Collecting data from the Lan Controller and presenting them on a chart or table, with the option of exporting data.
  • Defining reactions to incoming data with conditions regarding value, time. With their help, you can control one device depending on the readings from another device.
  • Defining tasks to be performed on selected days of the week at specific times (can be associated with reactions).
  • Viewing data from the supported devices and controlling it remotely using a website or a mobile application.

Mobile application

A simple phone application significantly extends the possibilities of using Tinycontrol devices. You can check the sensor reading or switch the output at any time. Icons with editable names of readings and buttons for outputs with a typical Lan Controller color status indication (green - on, red - off) clearly display information from the device.